27 Days are proud to be supporting new Bournemouth venue Madding Crowd. Tickets are now available for this event via the Madding Crowd website, their Facebook page, or click on the picture above and we’ll take you right there. Best of all they’re free! Support provided by the awesome One Word, limited capacity on this one so make sure you book em quick!

Tonight Stevie will be on Forest FM promoting an upcoming festival and unveiling an exciting opportunity for you all to get involved in. Make sure you tune in cause you don’t want to miss this one people!

forest fm

So, this is a great festival supporting people with the HSP disability and the organiser describes this as like trying to walk round with a sack of potatoes down your trousers. In order to give people an idea of what this feels like they organise a race and everyone does indeed put potatoes in their trousers! And Friday’s winner was none other than our drummer Phil, maybe he’s going for potato sponsership!!


phil trophy

If you’re wondering what the buffoons..I mean the boys get up to when they’re not gigging then it’s something like this…….Oh and we must tell you that they are normally so hardworking and professional….honest!


27 Days are pleased to announce that they have just received sponsorship from Volcazone. Front man JD is often seen with a packet of these pastilles as he’s always using his vocal chords – because he never stops talking! But no, mainly because they help him maintain a great vocal range gig after a gig.

To view their Vocalzone page check out the sponsorship tab on our menu



On Sunday 6th May we hit the Acoustic Stage at the Teddy Rocks Festival in Blandford. We had a great time and loved supporting this as the money raised supports children with cancer. We rocked out as the sun went down and had an amazing time. There were some great bands on the four stages over the weekend and we highly recommend that if you haven’t been to this festival yet you definitely should.