Band Bio

Taking influence from legendary acts like Guns n Roses, Poison, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Whitesnake and Van Halen. We embrace the theatrical side of the music business and at a typical gig, you won’t see a song, you’ll see a performance; we strive to make our gigs as entertaining and as much fun as possible, with charisma and attitude. Here’s some info about ourselves:

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Stevie Sixx:
OK so the stage name’s a bit camp but what isn’t about glam rock?! Let’s be clear, I’m the lead guitarist, banging out the awesome riffs. If you didn’t already know blue is my favourite colour.

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Ladies and gentleman. I am the Jordan. I am the frontman with my awesome vocals and rhythm guitar, I’m also the only one with any fashion sense in 27 Days. People often say I should tone it down but sadly I can’t hear them over my guitar!

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Okay….So, I’m Phil the guy who hits things for 27. Apparently I have a sponsorship from Collision Drumsticks! I’ve ended up here because of my love of rock and heavy hitting….Oh and when you come to see us play..Always. Bring. Protection!



We are currently gigging throught Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas and headlining several events. You can also catch us on the festival scene this summer, we’ve just kicked off with a set at Teddy Rocks.

We have been writing our own material from the very beginning, with the mission to save rock ‘n’ roll, bring back the epic music of days gone by, and ROCK OUT!

We’ve also just released our debut album ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ some of which you can find here on the website, right at the top of this page in fact and also in the sidebar! But keep checking cause we’re always adding more.

If you want to witness us doing what we do best, check out our gig dates and get yourselves along to see the best new classic rock and glam metal band in Bournemouth!

Keep On Rockin!